Saturday, November 1, 2008

Count Down to Opening Day

Less than a week and counting! Is anyone skiing on opening day?

Best Restaurant in Breckenridge

Last night while High Street in Breckenridge was blocked off for the annual Halloween trick our treat party we went to the recently re-opened restaurant, Le Petite Paris. They are running a special 3 course meal for $30. It was incredible! If you visit Breckenridge please do not miss this restaurant located at 161 Adams Street, Breckenridge, Colorado. Call for reservations 970-547-5335

Monday, October 27, 2008

Devotchka in Keystone for a free show!

If you haven't heard of DeVotchKa yet, well where have you been? (j/k)
Friends of mine saw them at Bonnaroo a couple of years ago and since then they've been gaining buzz, most notably a Grammy nomination for the Little Miss Sunshine score.
Anyway, they are playing a FREE show at Keystone, Friday 11/28! Just one more reason to make that trip to Summit County, Colorado for a Thanksgiving ski trip...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breckenridge Announces Opening Day plans

Breckenridge Ski Resort announced the opening day plan for the upcoming winter season. Breckenridge is scheduled to open Friday, November 7, with terrain, lifts and services on Peak 8. The resort is preparing to offer top to bottom skiing and riding via the Colorado Superchair. The BreckConnect Gondola will be open to provide the only access from the skier parking lots in town to the base of Peak 8. There will be no parking on Peak 8 due to construction.
If you're planning to stay at a Peak 9 property in the first few weeks of the season, plan to walk or take the free shuttle over to the Gondola. With continued cold temps and a good storm cycle or two, Breckenridge hopes to have Peak 9 terrain open around Thanksgiving.

This pic was taken at the base of Peak 8 yesterday afternoon--amongst the snow balls falling from the sky is the gondola terminal in the foreground and behind that, you might be able to make out the retaining wall for the new property under construction now.

Keep thinking's working!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It is not yet Labor Day, yet we received our first snowfall of the season. It is that time of year again to start thinking of putting away the mountain bikes and grabbing the skis. The summer is going by so fast but not without some amazing events. The Aspen Food and Wine Festival is held every June and is the biggest festival of its kind in the country. If mouthwatering recipes designed by celebrity chefs and wines from across the globe are of interest to you, then attending this festival is a must. Another great time for the more athletically adventurous is the wildflower hike from Aspen to Crested Butte. Noted as the most hiked trail the West Maroon Bells pass to Crested Butte offers the most beautiful wildflowers in the state. It is best to go at the peak of the wildflower season between the last week in July and the first week in August.

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A few pix of the recent snow here in may not look like a lot right now but with temps in the 20s at night, snowmaking operations are ramping up across the state. Word on the street is that Breckenridge started making snow last night!

Snowmass on 10.11.08

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2010 Olympic Games

SO, I've had the 2010 Olympics schedule printed and on the wall for more than a year now. With venues in two of my favorite locales, Vancouver and Whistler, this is sure to be a beautiful and memorable Games and I WANT TO GO!
With a flip of the calendar page to October today, I realized that Phase 1 of Olympic ticketing begins this Friday, 10/3!
Phase 1 is the BEST chance to get tickets, but you need to put some thought into your itinerary and requests. A couple of planning tips I've tried to keep in mind (I'm on ticket request matrix v.5 now) is to allow for travel time between venues in Vancouver/Richmond, Grouse Mountain and Whistler & to prioritize those events that I *really* want to see since there is a maximum request of 48 tickets-across all events.
The ticketing timeline looks like this:
  • Friday, October 3 - Friday, November 7, 2008: During this time frame, ticket requests can be submitted at
  • Mid-December: Ticket Allocation, Confirmations sent and Payments processing

Let us know what your request matrix looks like--I'm still tweaking mine. ;o)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Captured these pictures today June 6, 2008. It's a gorgeous day in the mountains. I just thought you would like to see what it looks like when it's almost Summer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Skiing in Valle Nevado, Chile!

We've been hearing from our friends down in Chile that their season is about to kick off (june 13) to a great start. Last week brought a 6 foot storm, evidenced here:

We've also gotten a couple of new Deals and Discounts from Valle Nevado, like 50% off the second person in a double or triple occupancy room. Give us a call for the 411--not all of the deals price out on the website and we'd love to chat more!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May!!

Well, Happy May 1st to you too!! When you think of Springtime in the Rockies, is this the image that pops into your head? Our crew here @ SnowVentures is a hearty bunch and nothing get's the boys and girls more pumped up to get into the office than a nice May dump. I guess it's time to crank up the heat and some Jimmy Buffet!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My two favorite men skiing on the last day at Breckenridge. Randall and Joey. It's all about the memories.

The last day at Breckenridge was amazing! The sky was blue and the sun was out. We still had a 100 inch base. It really doesn't get any better. This is Joey my 3 year old and I to the left. My 7 year old is the racer on the right. We can't wait to see you on the mountain!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Great Day

April 17, 2008 and yes I said 4/17/08 and yet another 10 inches of the fresh Colorado stuff. Shin deep and fluffy and soft! It's been one week after another of nothing but great snow and the never ending winter storm warnings. If you are still in the snow mood please think about Breckenridge for the next few days and remember A-Basin will be open at least another 8 weeks.

Anyone reading these blogs and thinking about that last minute trip please contact Derek at Ext. 314 and I will provide anyone who books a trip with me by 4:00pm MST today a 2 day Breckenridge lift ticket free of charge. Looks like the snow is not going anywhere soon so please keep us in mind for South America as well. I hope that someone takes advantage of the last minute great snow conditions and the lift ticket special presented above. "Keep think snow and remember there is no adventure like a snow venture".

Derek Baum
"There's No Adventure Like A Snowventure"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Derek's Powder Post

Wow! Holy Cow! Unbelievable! Etc. What a day to be out on the mountain. Just got back from skiing knee deep powder at crowds, no skiing over your same tracks and no people on the mountain to ski it all up. If you are thinking winter is over, think again. Over the last 2 days we have received another 14 inches of snow and at time of writing this post it is still snowing hard.

Anyone wanting to get any last minute skiing in and take advantage of great snow conditions, this next week is the last week to take advantage of it. We are closing mountains in Colorado with at least 85 plus inch bases and have some resorts extending their dates for weekend skiing. Give Derek a call at 800-845-7157 Ext. 314 to get you last minute trip planned to Colorado or to discuss the epic day. We are also setting up South America skiing adventures at this time. Don't stop thinking snow just think of a sunny day playing in 85 plus inches of fresh snow.

"Think Snow for ever and always"

Derek Baum

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 15, 2008
This past Saturday I drove to Vail to spend the day skiing with some friends and colleagues. While we were busy working on Friday the snow was coming down all day in Vail and some very lucky locals were taking the best runs of the season. I could feel the excitement and anticipation of another epic day as I waited in line at the Gondola with another 11 inches that fell overnight. Making my way to the back bowls I was surprised to find hardly any one skiing Game Creek bowl. At first I was a little nervous, what if I wiped out, but then I realized it was so light and fluffy, that I couldn’t possibly get hurt. Not waiting for anyone I dropped in and had the time of my life, aching thighs and all. I couldn’t see any one but every now and then I could hear people shouting having a ski/ride day to remember.