Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2010 Olympic Games

SO, I've had the 2010 Olympics schedule printed and on the wall for more than a year now. With venues in two of my favorite locales, Vancouver and Whistler, this is sure to be a beautiful and memorable Games and I WANT TO GO!
With a flip of the calendar page to October today, I realized that Phase 1 of Olympic ticketing begins this Friday, 10/3!
Phase 1 is the BEST chance to get tickets, but you need to put some thought into your itinerary and requests. A couple of planning tips I've tried to keep in mind (I'm on ticket request matrix v.5 now) is to allow for travel time between venues in Vancouver/Richmond, Grouse Mountain and Whistler & to prioritize those events that I *really* want to see since there is a maximum request of 48 tickets-across all events.
The ticketing timeline looks like this:
  • Friday, October 3 - Friday, November 7, 2008: During this time frame, ticket requests can be submitted at
  • Mid-December: Ticket Allocation, Confirmations sent and Payments processing

Let us know what your request matrix looks like--I'm still tweaking mine. ;o)

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