Friday, April 11, 2008

Derek's Powder Post

Wow! Holy Cow! Unbelievable! Etc. What a day to be out on the mountain. Just got back from skiing knee deep powder at crowds, no skiing over your same tracks and no people on the mountain to ski it all up. If you are thinking winter is over, think again. Over the last 2 days we have received another 14 inches of snow and at time of writing this post it is still snowing hard.

Anyone wanting to get any last minute skiing in and take advantage of great snow conditions, this next week is the last week to take advantage of it. We are closing mountains in Colorado with at least 85 plus inch bases and have some resorts extending their dates for weekend skiing. Give Derek a call at 800-845-7157 Ext. 314 to get you last minute trip planned to Colorado or to discuss the epic day. We are also setting up South America skiing adventures at this time. Don't stop thinking snow just think of a sunny day playing in 85 plus inches of fresh snow.

"Think Snow for ever and always"

Derek Baum

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