Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 15, 2008
This past Saturday I drove to Vail to spend the day skiing with some friends and colleagues. While we were busy working on Friday the snow was coming down all day in Vail and some very lucky locals were taking the best runs of the season. I could feel the excitement and anticipation of another epic day as I waited in line at the Gondola with another 11 inches that fell overnight. Making my way to the back bowls I was surprised to find hardly any one skiing Game Creek bowl. At first I was a little nervous, what if I wiped out, but then I realized it was so light and fluffy, that I couldn’t possibly get hurt. Not waiting for anyone I dropped in and had the time of my life, aching thighs and all. I couldn’t see any one but every now and then I could hear people shouting having a ski/ride day to remember.