Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Great Day

April 17, 2008 and yes I said 4/17/08 and yet another 10 inches of the fresh Colorado stuff. Shin deep and fluffy and soft! It's been one week after another of nothing but great snow and the never ending winter storm warnings. If you are still in the snow mood please think about Breckenridge for the next few days and remember A-Basin will be open at least another 8 weeks.

Anyone reading these blogs and thinking about that last minute trip please contact Derek at Ext. 314 and I will provide anyone who books a trip with me by 4:00pm MST today a 2 day Breckenridge lift ticket free of charge. Looks like the snow is not going anywhere soon so please keep us in mind for South America as well. I hope that someone takes advantage of the last minute great snow conditions and the lift ticket special presented above. "Keep think snow and remember there is no adventure like a snow venture".

Derek Baum
"There's No Adventure Like A Snowventure"

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